How to serve and conserve a portion of hand-carved ham

Acorn-fed ham is a perfect reflection of traditional Iberian identity. The superior quality of this delicacy of nature feeds the notion that ham carving is a true art, dominated by a unique and talented few. All Cinco Jotas products have been carved in our curing cellars in Jabugo under the watchful eye of our expert master carvers.

The key to highlighting the nuances hidden inside each slice of ham

Hand-carved Cinco Jotas ham conserves the intense flavours and aromas of each slice and provides a simple way of tasting one of the most exclusive products of Spain's cuisine: Spain’s National Treasure. Savouring translucent slices of Cinco Jotas ham is a delightful and delicious journey through the flavours of the Iberian Peninsula.

It’s important to know how to serve and conserve the ham properly to make sure that the exceptional quality of the product remains intact. Temperature is key, and we advise consumers to keep pre-sliced ham packages refrigerated when not in use. Ideally the ham is consumed at room temperature, approximately 24 degrees. When ready to eat, place the unopened package in hot water for about 30 seconds to maintain the fine balance between flavour, aroma and textures. This process also ensures that the ham retains its characteristic colour and transparency, while making it easier to separate the slices to display and enjoy. Most fun of all, to maximise authentic enjoyment of the ham-tasting experience, we recommend picking it up and consuming it with your fingers. It’s the Spanish way.

Buen provecho!