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SÁNCHEZ ROMERO CARVAJAL JABUGO, S.A.U. (hereinafter, CINCO JOTAS), a Spanish-domiciled company, holder of Tax Identification Code A-41030446, and of registered office at Calle Fernán Caballero, 7, 11500 El Puerto de Santa Mar?a, Cadiz, registered in the Companies Register of Cadiz in Volume 1064, Page 100, Sheet CA-11515, serves notice of the general conditions (hereinafter, the "General Conditions") governing use of the Internet Website service (hereinafter, the "Website") made available by CINCO JOTAS to Internet users free of charge.


Use of our Website gives rise to the corresponding status as user thereof (hereinafter, the "User"), and express, full and unreserved acceptance by the User of each and every one of the General Conditions, in the version published by CINCO JOTAS at the time when the User accesses our Website. Users must therefore carefully read the General Conditions on each occasion that they intend to make use of our Website. Likewise, usage of the Service is also subject to all notices, usage regulations and instructions of which Users have been informed by CINCO JOTAS, supplementing the terms of these General Conditions where not running counter thereto. CINCO JOTAS reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to its Website at any time, and without the need for prior notice, with regard to any Users who are in breach of these General Conditions, or any applicable Specific Conditions.

CINCO JOTAS se reserva el derecho a denegar o retirar el acceso a su Web Site, en cualquier momento y sin necesidad de preaviso a aquellos Usuarios que incumplan estas Condiciones Generales o las Condiciones Particulares que resulten de aplicaci?n.


Users may browse our Website without giving any personal information, retaining their anonymity throughout their visit.


3.1 - Declarations by CINCO JOTAS and limitation of liability.

This Website has been created in good faith by CINCO JOTAS, with information drawn from sources external and internal to CINCO JOTAS. Nonetheless, no guarantee is provided as to the comprehensiveness, accuracy, precision or currency of our Website in order for Users to perform any particular activity. CINCO JOTAS meanwhile exerts no control over, and does not guarantee the absence of, viruses or other elements when accessing our Website which could cause alterations to the electronic documents and file structures stored on your computer system.

As a result, CINCO JOTAS declines all liability for any damages of any kind which may result from any usage made by Users of the Website and its services or content.

CINCO JOTAS not guarantee the availability and continuity of functionality of its Website and/or of the corresponding services. Nonetheless, wherever reasonably possible CINCO JOTAS will serve prior notice of any interruptions to the functionality of our Website and of the Services. CINCO JOTAS in this regard declines any liability derived from any damages of any kind which could result from the lack of availability or continuity of the functionality of our Website and/or the services.

3.2 - Proper usage of the content of the Website by the User.

CINCO JOTAS declares that the intellectual property rights (trademarks, trading names, etc.) which appear on this Website are owned by it or legitimately exploited under the terms of usage licences or agreements, and are duly protected by the Regulations in force regarding Industrial Property

Users undertake to make use of the Website in a diligent, proper and lawful manner, and in particular undertake not to:

(a) Delete, evade or manipulate copyright notices, trademarks or other details identifying the rights of CINCO JOTAS or of the corresponding rights holders incorporated within the content and/or products marketed via our Website, in addition to technical protective devices, digital watermarks or any other information mechanisms which could contain these.

(b) Employ the content, and in particular information of any form obtained via our Website, to address advertising, communications for the purposes of direct sales, or for any other commercial purpose, or any unsolicited messages addressed to numerous individuals.

(c) Reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access via any means of public communication, transform or modify the content, except with the authorisation of the corresponding rights holder, or where this is legally permitted.

(d) In general, make use of the content in a manner, for purposes or with effects which contravene the law, moral standards or generally accepted good practice, or public order.

CINCO JOTAS grants no licence or authorisation for use of any kind over industrial or intellectual property rights or any other property or right connected with the Website.

3.3 Procedure in the event of a violation of intellectual property rights.

In the event that any user or a third party believes that any content has been included within a Website in violation of their intellectual property rights, they should serve notice on CINCO JOTAS, indicating fully and precisely their details and the intellectual property rights allegedly violated, in addition to the Website.


Pursuant to the provisions of article 5 of Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December on personal data protection (LOPD, as it is known in Spanish), CINCO JOTAS hereby informs you that the personal data you supply is compiled in files maintained by CINCO JOTAS which are duly declared and registered with the Spanish Data Protection General Register. Moreover, CINCO JOTAS hereby informs you that you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of your personal data under the terms and conditions provided for in the LOPD by sending a letter to CINCO JOTAS. Your personal data is collected for the purposes of statistics and studies as well as for the communication of news, advertising, product offers and services, notifications and, in general, commercial information from CINCO JOTAS.


This Website has been created in accordance with the laws and advertising codes of practice in place in Spain, and is therefore subject to Spanish law.

CINCO JOTAS and the User expressly waive any other legal forum to which they might have been entitled and agree to the authority of the Courts of the City of Madrid in order to settle any dispute which may arise out of provision of the services forming the object hereof.