The stars of autumn.

Tana, gurumelo, gallipierno and tentullo mushrooms are as popular in the Sierra de Aracena as is Iberian ham. Upon arriving home, someone thought of gathering the best fruits of the mountain in autumn: mushrooms with ham. Stark contrast; quick, delicious and volatile.


The high humid mountains with good organic matter are favorable terraine for the versatile fungi, beginning with the star of the show, the Amanita caesarea, Tana en la Sierra, followed by the aureus Boletus, the best of its kind since the tentullo is a mushroom from cork oaks. In Spanish these mushrooms are called sureny, from the Quercus suber (cork oak) forests.  Other quality Spanish mushrooms include gurumelo (Amanita ponderosa) and gallipierno or parasol (Macrolepiota procera).

  • The oronja (Amanita caesarea) and boleto (Boletus aureus) are ideal mushrooms to eat raw, cut very thin, seasoned with olive oil, and combined with thin slices of ham.


  • Leave out the garlic that tends to mask the subtle flavours of mushrooms and ham.


  • Generally all mushrooms blend perfectly with ham, both cooked and raw.


  • Salt from the ham helps to enhance and bring out the flavour of mushrooms.