White asparragus spears with Ham
White asparragus spears with Ham

White asparragus spears with Ham


100g CINCO JOTAS Iberian ham slices

For gelatin

500ml Montecillo wine 

5 pcs. Fish gelatin sheets

For asparagus cream

500g Asparagus spears 

1 Black garlic clove

10ml cream

Salt (to taste)

Pepper (to taste)

For the asparagus

400g asparagus spears

Olive oil (to taste)

For gelatin

Heat up some of the wine on the stove and add the previously-hydrated gelatin sheets to dilute well. Add the remaining wine and let cool. Put aside.

For spears and cream of asparagus

Cut off the tips of the asparagus spears, and put them aside.

Cook the stems in wáter. Mash together with black garlic clove and cream, strain and add salt.

Final touches and presentation

Place a dab of cream of asparagus on a plate, add the asparagus tips and season to taste. Display slices of Cinco Jotas Iberian ham, finishing off with wine gelatin cubes.