Lentil, cucumber and Ham salad
Lentil, cucumber and Ham salad

Lentil, cucumber and Ham salad


80g CINCO JOTAS Iberian ham slices

For the lentils

200g cooked Pardina lentils 

8 Tomato seeds

40g Diced tomatoes

40g Cucumber 

10g Chopped parsley

15g Extra virgin olive oil

Salt (to taste)

For yogurt

100g Yogurt 

Lemon zest (to taste)

For the salad

Remove tomato seeds from one side and set aside. Chop the skinless pulp into cubes and put aside.

Chop the parsley and make cucumber strips with a vegetable peeler.

Mix the ingredients with the cooked lentils, add salt to taste and set aside.

For yogurt

Mix together the yogurt and lemon zest and set aside.

Final touches and presentation

Dress the lentil mixture with the yogurt and serve.